Shrouded in Veils - Parhelion (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Shrouded in Veils

Parhelion (2011)


Shrouded in Veils play post-rock that could best be described as "efficient." They kick out four examples of it for their Parhelion EP, and they couldn't provide a more economical example.

The longest, at 6:28, is actually the opener and title track, and shows how immediate the band can be. They get into a groove quickly, and the bolder strokes of sound follow soon enough. There are flickering moments early on where it sounds vaguely like the guitar tone Cave In cultivated for Jupiter, but then some greater post-metal muscle builds about halfway through, and then it all lets off a bit for some equally interesting, swirling rhythms. As the final crescendo settles in, overall comparisons to acts like Russian Circles, Caspian or Irepress (their instrumental moments, anyway) seem sensible.

Another highlight is the pensive sparkle that slowly ushers in "Iron Horse", something I'd love to hear the band do more with. While their sense of suspense throughout Parhelion might be inconsistent, it's in top form here; you wait and wait for the explosion, and yet it just doesn't seem like mere ambience. You're pretty sure something's about to go off–you're just not sure when. Spoiler alert: It never actually does, but it's a scathing tease.

Squiggly riffing and spacier textures in closer "Frogman" help offer a final bout of versatility to this breezy, 21-minute EP. If you like your post-rock/post-metal with subtle nuances and comparatively short running times, Parhelion will do you well.