No Contest - Static Motion (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

No Contest

Static Motion (2011)


This four-track EP kicks off with a fairly standard, choppy, edgy hardcore tune, "Submerged", which fails to ignite any sort of interest within me. It's not badly played or anything, but it really contains nothing for me to really grab hold of and get into. From what I hear here, it seems to tie in with the cover art (including font, etc.) which could quite easily be lumped in with any number of hardcore bands.

Next up is "Death Card", which has a bit more of a flow and is retaining my interest more than the opening offering. I think this is because vocally it causes me to think of Roo Pescod from Bangers.

The penultimate track is "Close Up", which again shows an element of progression and at times I'm reminded of the sadly defunct Four Letter Word, although with a bit more of a traditional hardcore basis to the music than the Welshmen displayed. The song does contain bits that are more what one would expect from a more conventional hardcore band, especially as it reaches a conclusion.

Bringing up the rear is "Static Motion", and here No Contest finally get their act together, managing to produce the best track by far on the EP. With more of a cohesive and melodic approach, it shows that if the band were to concentrate a bit more on the melodic, rhythmic hardcore rather than the choppier style displayed at the start of the EP, it could open more doors for them. It's almost as if these four tracks have been written and recorded at different times, reflecting a change in style of songwriting and delivery, as the title track seems poles apart from "Submerged". Mind you, they might have gone the other way!

A decent effort and although it's not for me to try and direct a band towards what they should be doing, as a casual listener the final track gives an indication of perhaps where No Contest's strengths lie and what they are capable of.