Big D and the Kids Table / Brunt of It - Ska Is Dead, Vol. 2 [7-inch club] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Big D and the Kids Table / Brunt of It

Ska Is Dead, Vol. 2 [7-inch club] (2010)

Underground Communique / Asbes

Somehow, the Ska Is Dead split series has two Volume Twos. This is one of them, a split 7" between Big D & the Kids Table and Brunt of It. It's certainly no evil twin.

Lead track "Not Our Fault" also appears on Big D's recent effort, For the Damned, the Dumb & the Delirious, and it seems like it's identical, except the newer version has a nice remix/remaster. This is probably one of the better tracks on Damned–a solid, standard ska-punk number with a catchy lead riff and insistent energy, so it's a good fit here. "Lash Out" is a slightly shorter, more punky number that's just alright.

Brunt of It boast a horn section worth whistling along to, something that's evident as soon as "Nah Nah Nah Nah" begins. Sounding like a more raw, less developed version of Streetlight Manifesto circa Everything Goes Numb, with more aggressive, craggy vocals, their side's not half-bad either, maybe even outshining Big D a bit. Their songs are both a full minute longer compared to Big D's side too, and they make efficient use of the time. "Art School Dropout" is guided with solid upstrokes, bleated brass and punctual, hardcore-style gang shouts, making for a pretty decent closer.

Big D & the Kids Table - Not Our Fault [clip]
Big D & the Kids Table - Lash Out [clip]