Douglas Shields & the X-Factors - DSXF [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Douglas Shields & the X-Factors

DSXF [7-inch] (2011)


Overlooked Gainesville act Douglas Shields & the X-Factors roll out another solid release in the form of this four-song 7", the pseudo-self-titled DSXF. It's a logical jumping point from last year's Beerhorse: The Album full-length, featuring more of that nimble poppy indie-folk-punk-rock that further weds Plan-It-X brashness with the Mountain Goats' nasal restraint and early Thermals drive.

"Schwan Dolphin" mostly treads along a rugged, medium tempo, but then throws in a quick punky part toward the end for a sudden jolt of dynamism. "The Clock, The Cross, The City" is an almost garage-like rocker, while "Stoner Jamz" and "Beach Volleyball" both have a subtle build about them both, with the latter closing out the EP via a riffy, energetic rhythm.

Another well-rounded release from these fellas from Spanish Gamble and Pizza Party.