Big Business - Quadruple Single [12-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Big Business

Quadruple Single [12-inch] (2011)

Gold Metal

Hot diggity dang, it must be fun being in Big Business. The core duo of bassist/frontman Jared Warren (ex-Tight Bros from Way Back When, which I'm only mentioning because I love the name) and Coady Willis (ex-Murder City Devils) write catchy, sludgy numbers with funny names like "Stareadactyl". They also joined their favorite band, the Melvins, just because. On top of that, they get to look like a couple of cool guys on stage, with Warren rocking an afro and Willis sporting a Tommy Lee setup (drumming gloves ‘n' a headset) behind the kit. Life is good.

And life can be good for you too, if you exchange currency for the band's new Quadruple Single, a self-released rocker with a penchant for awesomeness. Folks get four tunes on 12 inches of clear orange vinyl (with a digital download, if you roll that way). The packaging is pretty neat too. I mean, the lion on the cover has a sweatband! Hilarious! The labels on the record itself look custom-made with sharpies. I've got the band's name written in black ‘n' gold on the A side and a puking ghost on the B.

Quadruple Single isn't just a great visual addition to any home, though. It's also a sonic journey through the workings of the heart. I think. I don't know. "Guns" is about how guns are awesome (sample quote: "Guns! Guns! Guns are better than everything else!"). The lyrics are a little hard to decipher, but I do detect some quality jams occurring. Willis provides supple backbeats, and he really gets to show off on some of the intros. Warren is his typical shouty self, but his low end sure knows how to get down. Guitarist Scott Martin (and, presumably, guitarist Toshi Kasai, who's sitting out the band's current tour) brings some nice atmosphere to the arrangement, like on the droning outro to "Ice-Cold War".

So you see, friends and relatives, Big Business is a must-have for anyone who enjoys fun.