We Sink - We Sink [10-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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We Sink

We Sink [10-inch] (2011)

Chorus of One

From We Ride to We Sink, these unrelated Chorus of One bands seem to have taken a turn for the worse. But only titularly, as We Sink is perhaps a step up in progression, with a dark, Deathwish hardcore bent that sounds absolutely made for black vinyl.

It's really hard to go much further in describing this self-titled 10-inch, given that there's no lyrics insert, the vocals are untilligible, and "Deathwish hardcore" is about the closest you can get to a descriptor for We Sink's sound. It's heavy, but not particularly moshy, with growled shouts and distorted, discordant guitars. Integrity, Cursed, and Killing the Dream come to mind when looking for stateside parallels, which coincidentally all come from the aforementioned Deathwish stable.

Song titles like "Puke", "Parodies and Lies" and "It Would Be Better If We Forget" give some indication of the thematic inclination We Sink offers, though curveballs like "State of Meditations" and "To Be Heard, To Be Loved" make assumptions slightly more difficult. "Puke" and "State of Meditations" are among the highlights, while "Parodies and Lies" drags a bit with repetitive chords, though that's probably what they were going for.

Even though this kind of dark hardcore seems to be somewhat losing steam in the U.S., Italy's We Sink has pieced together a very capable self-titled 10-inch that should be able to garner enough interest to secure them a solid fanbase both in Europe and beyond.