Quarterlife Crisis - Washed Up (Cover Artwork)
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Quarterlife Crisis

Washed Up (2009)


Quarterlife Crisis' Washed Up on Long Island shores in 2009 (the album, not the band, who'd been around quite a while). Forgive the grammatical compromises for the bad pun. The album in question provides snotty melodic hardcore/skatepunk (recorded by Phil Douglas, overseer of most worthwhile local Long Island punk). If you like raw, unbridled, earnest punk rock like Jericho circa When the Battery Dies or early Bouncing Souls (probably Argyle style), Washed Up will do right by you.

Also, this album pretty much screams '90s, even if it came a decade after the fact. I mean, the band throw in a couple of random upstrokes into "Not My Youth", an anthem that essentially posits, "Fuck your old-man nostalgia." There's a hint of Kill Your Idols' forward charge in "All for Fun", albeit with a punkier tilt, with nicely scratchy vocals yelping out hooks in first-half highlight "Quit Your Job". And the opening bassline of "Quarter Game" reminds me an awful lot of the opening guitar riff to Descendents' "I'm Not a Loser".

Okay, this album is somewhat forgettable and plays through without a whole lot of "HOLY SHIT YEAH" moments. Granted. But if you're looking for a nice quick fix, a sub half-hour of the sloppy punk rock you got stoked on in the '90s (or early 2000s) for, this will do it.

Washed Up