Tireless - Creation (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Creation (2010)


UK act Tireless come out swinging with an impressive debut in their Creation EP.

Gravelly, melodic punk that scales the distance between Off with Their Heads' forward-march bark and Small Brown Bike's more emotive gestures, Tireless sound both loose and fierce on this effort. Their vocalist sounds simply pained in "Wake", but it doesn't prevent the band from spilling out double-time aggression, with heavy, nimble riffing in the bridge providing smart dynamics, and you can sense the spit and snot marinating "Fifteen" and its surprisingly languid, sneering bridge.

Some of the riffs in "Six Feet from the Ground" allude to the Title Fight/earlier Basement sound, with angsty roaring à la Daylight, but they still split the difference between the newer school of basement post-hardcore and more straightforward Orgcore influence pretty uniquely throughout this song–and the EP as a whole, really.

I really like what's going on here, and even then it's comforting that the band is still likely pretty young. If they progress the way so many of their peers have, we're in store for something quite awesome.

Creation EP