The Dimensions - The Dimensions [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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The Dimensions

The Dimensions [7-inch] (2010)


The Dimensions are a German three-piece formed by members of the hardcore band, No Dimensions, with the aim of producing music which has more melody whilst still maintaining an edge to it. Having formed this new unit in 2006, this is only their second release, so either they've been busy at other things or they're just one of those bands for which the word "prolific" is anathema.

The opening track "Two, Someday" kicks off with a Samiam-sounding intro and, although the guitar occasionally has a similar quality to that from the Californian quintet, the song does not resemble them at all as it has a much less introspective feel to it. Even though the songs are sung in English and the lyrics are printed on the sleeve, the only thing I feel confident in saying about this song is that it seems to advocate learning!

Next up is "Spaceman", which has a crazy premise of being taken up to another planet (by a spaceman of course!) to a place which is full of like-minded misfits, all able to get on with their chosen creative activities, almost like some kind of Utopian life for artists.

"Move On" provides the highlight of this four-track EP. The guitar gives it a slight (and I mean slight) country feel at times, but it is also the catchiest song on this piece of vinyl, and one which has a real upbeat quality to it.

"Shoulders" rounds things off nicely and is a decent song–lyrically, I'd say this is about not taking all the troubles of the world on one's shoulders, as such a weight could easily cause most people to collapse under the burden.

This ends up being quite a varied EP, which has a decent amount of hooks and melody whilst providing three good songs and one outstanding one. Certainly this variety is a big positive for the Dimensions, and what is also noticeable is that it appears to comes across as being quite unaffected, and with bags of enthusiasm. The cover of this record could easily persuade you that the music could have had a bleak or angry sound but that is not the case. This is melodic punk with lots going for it.