MXPX - Pokinatcha (Cover Artwork)


Pokinatcha (1994)

Tooth & Nail

I'm quite aware that this album has already been reviewed, but I was looking through the list of reviews I have written for this site, and they have all been positive. So, it is time to do a negative review, and I figured my first would be dedicated to MXPX's debut album, Pokinatcha.

I purchased this album about two years ago, when I was heavily into pop punk. I'm glad those days are gone, as I have been able to open myself up to more diverse and intelligent bands. When you think of the words Christian punk, two things come to my mind. As for labels, its Tooth & Nail, the epitomy of Christian punk, cry baby, etc labels. As far as bands, its MXPX, which blends pop melodies, punk influence, and their love for the man up top.

I don't want to get religious, but personally, I'm not religious at all. I'm not anti religion, nor am I anti Christian, but you must understand that I come from a town that is basically dominated by born-again Christian conservatives, and its not fun for a struggling liberal like myself. I hate this town. I don't enjoy organized religion. I don't enjoy christian punk. I'm moving far away someday. Yes, I am.

Pokinatcha is MXPX's first, and most raw album, released all the way back in 1994. This is your basic three chord "I miss you baby" shit, just in an angry tone. The recording is awful, and not the kind of awful that adds to the recording, and makes it sound "cool." This is the kind of awful that makes the words, chords, and the music in general incredibly hard to decipher and enjoy.

In general, I don't find this album to be creative by any means. I find Mike, the lead singer's voice, to be quite annoying. Musically wise, things aren't that better. Lyrically, I just don't feel floored by this record. "Would you like some asprin for your bad hair day." No, sorry, I'm just not buying into this. I've written better songs than that, sorry. Maybe if you are looking for simple to listen to, this would be easier for you to accept. Everything seems repetitive, and the songs sound the same! I guess this just isn't for me.

"Punk-wise," this is the closest MXPX ever got to it. After this one, yeah, the sound improved, but I mean, now this band just annoys me more with their radio friendly / see you at the show / i miss you / go god / awful generic sound. However, I must say that I do agree that the band has improved since their debut album, but I still do not like them. I despised this album so greatly that I sold it to some kid for five bucks a couple months ago.

This just isn't up my alley. I'm sure some of you kids dig it, but I do not. That is my view, and I'm going to stick with it To be honest, I think this band is a joke. It angers me that they are making piles of money, while bands with actual talent are on the road in their van every night struggling to make it by. The world is unfair kids. This is definitely not for me, but it could be for you. It all depends on your preference, and I guess that's what matters at the end of the day.