Big Dick - Jensen [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Big Dick

Jensen [7-inch] (2010)

Big Dick

You wouldn't want to research their band name in a work environment, but Big Dick provide a great little 7" (...) here to listen to anywhere. These ex-members of punk'n'rollers Million Dollar Marxists and screamo act Van Johnson do something pretty off the path of those bands: Jensen is three songs of slightly fuzzy, occasionally rocking garage rock/post-punk in the vein of fellow Canadian two-piece Death from Above 1979.

Opener "Bodies" cements such a comparison, as it should immediately bring up memories of the recently revived DfA 1979 with its steady slam and riffy chords. The snotty vocals and countering yells in "Yard Fight" add a slightly more sinister intensity to the EP (I'm almost thinking Crimes-era Blood Brothers, more accessible but nearly as frenzied). Closer "Aria" is a little more clipped and forgettable, but replicates the nervous, somewhat frantic energy found on the A side.

This almost feels like more of a teaser than a complete, well-rounded EP, but Jensen has some highlights spelling out the potential for Big Dick (and the inevitable double entendres in trying to describe them).

Jensen EP