Giving Chase - Iron Men in Iron Lungs (Cover Artwork)
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Giving Chase

Iron Men in Iron Lungs (2010)

Jump Start

If we're not mistaken, Giving Chase's 2010 EP, Iron Men in Iron Lungs is the band's first release in quite a while, 2007's A Cheap Print of a Masterpiece being their last. Fans of the PA punk/hardcore mainstays should probably find it worth the wait, for the most part.

At times the EP hearkens to the A Wilhelm Scream-esque, melodic hardcore/tech-y skatepunk of Masterpiece, like the frenetic, almost spazzy "Mantras for Monsters" and "Masks for Misfits". But the comparison certainly feels less obvious this time around, and they don't always play so close to that formula anyway. A slow, melancholic part in the opening title track broods with spoken-word and lyrically apocalyptic shouts, hinting at Nitro-era AFI. It's definitely a promising left turn. While there ain't a whole many hooks here, the band's staunch refusal to repeat parts, instead introducing a new riff or melody seemingly every bar, is admirable in a way.

This is a decent return for Giving Chase, but past efforts have shown they have stronger songs in them. Still, if they're just getting back up to speed, this is a solid enough foundation to start on.

Iron Men in Iron Lungs EP