Angries / Hooray for Everything - Split [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Angries / Hooray for Everything

Split [7-inch] (2011)


On the Angries/Hooray for Everything split 7", both groups show that political hardcore merged with classic punk learnings has some interesting niches left to be explored.

Angries are truth in advertising. They are pissed off on their side, attacking both contemporary media takes on female expression and society's blind eye when it comes to sexual assault. Playing high-energy hardcore, the band blends a metallic clang with guitar and drum strikes. But on their second song, "Raped Culture", they expand their sound, opening with a crusty ambient drone before snapping into their thrashy attack.

Hooray for Everything play high-energy rampagers that straddle the line between punk and hardcore. Sort of a cross between the Avengers with some of No Doubt's lyrical styles, the band attacks those who would rather talk than listen and the encroachment of technology upon modern life. While in the wrong hands these tunes could have been lectures, Hooray for Everything is fed-up enough to serve appropriate gravitas to these topics, while keeping the music poppy enough to be engaging, which invites closer inspection after first listen.

Although the split EP doesn't allow much room for varied expression, both groups display control over their music as well as their unique attributes. With a little more space to stretch, both groups should be able to retain their root sound while really pushing their unique strengths in the future.

(Also, this 7" has a clever, yet hilarious cover).