Censors - Disappointment [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Disappointment [7-inch] (2011)

Gruff Beard

Censors help represent the newer class of punk on Long Island, having just formed last year, or, maybe the year before that. Anyway, the band cull ex-members of Barnaby Jones (melodic hardcore) and Ink & Lead (think a fast Hot Water Music), and from the whole of their parts manage to serve up a pretty decent debut 7" here.

With Ink & Lead's lead vocalist helming the band, Censors lean more in their direction. However, they stay more in grinding, medium-to-faster tempos, and with their more aggressive, straightforward push, post-HWM acts like early Lock and Key (though with less impressive guitar work) or Our Own Wars-era Small Brown Bike (though less dynamic and catchy) come to mind. Still, it's got its moments, from the nice riffing in "Welcome to Moe's" to a near-hardcore tumble to finish "Just a Side Note".

Disappointment is, well, not really that much of a disappointment. It's more of a good start, anyway.

The Disappointment EP