Changes - Demonstration (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Demonstration (2011)


Changes are a relatively new band comprising ex-members of promising acts like Charge and Overstand, who themselves played soulful, Bad Brains-influenced hardcore. Changes stake out their own path, managing to offer their own strange twists and turns.

The barked verses of opener "Victims" reminds of Kill Your Idols, but the chorus is metallic and moshier, the whole vibe is darker than that band, and the riffing in the bridge hearkens somewhat to '80s crossover. Select sections of "Science of War" are even heavier and more frenetic, to the point where it could almost be like a Deadguy demo at points. Almost. Plus it has a few notes of strained singing nearly breaching Misfits/Life of Agony type territory.

The metal influence infects some of the later tracks, especially for the longer intro to nearly five-minute closer "Flags. Bibles. Bullets & Guns.". This song's more than twice the length of any other track here, with lots of knotty riffing and a vague rock'n'roll undercurrent carrying it along.

There's a lot of weird influences on this demo subtly touching it up here and there. It doesn't all coalesce brilliantly, but it provides a cool demo as a result. Someone to keep an ear on.

Demonstration EP