MU330 - Ultra Panic (Cover Artwork)


Ultra Panic (2002)

Asian Man

One of the hardest working bands out there are back with their 7th full length release "Ultra Panic". On this release MU330 drops their signature rock dominated ska in favor of a more traditional ska sound. To accomplish this they enlist the talents of Blue Meanies(RIP) organist Chaz Boyd and saxophonist John Paul Camp III. When I first heard that they were recording together I thought it was just for one or two tracks, but instead they appear on the entire album helping the band achive a more fuller sound and giving them that more traditional ska sound. They also give some reminders of their old band with solos on "Lied To" and "Let Go Again" that sound very similar to Blue Meanies' songs.

That is not the only changed that has occurred, most of the songs seem a lot mellower than on the previous releases, I think this comes from the dropping of the rock influence, while some may not enjoy this change, I think it comes together for one of the best ska albums that have been released in a long time. All of the songs are very catchy and had me singing along after only a few listens.

In a couple of the song's lyrics we find Dan breaking away from songs about relationships (or lack of) and life, for more a more serious tone in "Tell Another One" were he confronts a racists "friend" that he had to share a ride with, "Raw Fish" where he makes fun of the close minded people that don't care to learn about other cultures and think that theirs is automatically be the best and one everyone should follow, and "KKK Hiway" a song making fun of the KKK's adoption of a section of I-55 in Mo. (I have actually driven on it and I think it was one of the more littered sections of 55).

Overall the cd is great, this is one of the best ska releases in a long time, and I think one of MU330's best albums overall. If you're a fan of MU330 or ska you should already have this, if you're not well you should be, everyone should listen to a band that is this positive and fun it would make the world a better place.