Sorry Excuse - Sorry Excuse [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Sorry Excuse

Sorry Excuse [7-inch] (2011)


Sorry Excuse's sophomore 7" provides six tracks of fast, no-frills, and somewhat garbled straight-edge hardcore.

Splitting the difference between Victim in Pain-era Agnostic Front and Poison Idea with the requisite muffled recording, the band's pretty cut and dry on their ideas. Most tracks close with a thematic conclusion: opener "Normalcy" finishes with the couplet, "Fuck you, accept no apologies. / STRAIGHT EDGE"; "Work" ends, "FUCK WORK"; "Mute", "FUCK WHAT YOU'VE BECOME." There aren't really any hidden meanings here.

All the while, their vocalist barks and grunts like a John Brannan know, even though Brannan's still alive. Moshier tendencies, like those toward the end of "Work" and "Mute", add a little bit of flexibility to the band's sound.

You should know precisely what you're getting on Sorry Excuse. If that's your bag, pick it up.