Tiger Tail - Demo 2011 (Cover Artwork)
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Tiger Tail

Demo 2011 (2011)


Fresh Richmond act Tiger Tail feature members of Socialcide and Snuff Daddy, but go a fairly different route (for the better). Their demo is chock full of '90s emo/indie/post-hardcore bearing sure promise.

The intro is a built-up and broken-down, sorta twinkly instrumental that vaguely resembles the back half of an old Built to Spill song. "Best Damn Summer" is a more raw number with quick, distorted chords and stunted, yelped vocals, the whole thing carrying the sort of upbeat flair you'd guess from the track title. "The Brightest" picks up the tempo a little bit, and though it's more noodly than that band, it reminds me of their local predecessors Resonance a bit. That's probably a good comparison to use for the basis of this demo, but Tiger Tail take considerably less from '80s emo and '90s melodic hardcore.

Tiger Tail definitely make themselves out to be someone worth keeping an ear on with this little demo.

Demo 2011