The Life and Times - Day II b/w Day III [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The Life and Times

Day II b/w Day III [7-inch] (2011)

Hawthorne Street

The newest 7" from the Life and Times, the space/alt-rock act led by former Shiner frontman Allen Epley, is an ambitious two-part blistering in all of eight minutes.

"Day II" starts with slightly eerie and, of course, spacey guitar chords filtered through a cool pedal of some sort, sounding like something the Out_Circuit might do, albeit with a more post-metal/rock bend. But then, what sounds like backward vocals come in, only making the whole thing more mysterious. "Day III" initiates with a looped acoustic strum and nauseous-sounding programming or guitar sounds (hard to tell which) not too far off the My Bloody Valentine cliff, with strained, '90s post-hardcore vocals then entering the fold.

While a bit quick and cold, the Life and Times swoop in, drop two cuts of somewhat strange and surprisingly enjoyable experimentation, and exit left. It's an effective performance.

Day II b/w Day III single