Against Me!/Fiya/Humpty Dumpster - live in Urbana-Champaign (Cover Artwork)

Against Me! / Fiya / Humpty Dumpster

live in Urbana-Champaign (2002)

live show

I was extremely excited to find out that Against Me! was to play a show near were I live. After the 150 mile drive we arrived in the town. we laughed at the fact that we were a couple hours early; little did we know that we would need every little minute because my friends and I had trouble finding the place. After several hours and three phone calls to the place, we arived at the Independant Media Center. We were hungry so we decided to eat. After eating at a sit down restraunt (I wanted fast food) it was a minute before the show WAS supposed to start, so I ran out of the place only to find like 25 kids waiting outside, luckly it did not start yet.

Ten minutes later, we walked in to find Humpty Dumpster starting to play. They play chick fronted rock and roll. Not my cup of tea, but by the reaction of the croud, I could tell they were good at what they do. go visit their web site:

Second was Fiya, all I knew about them is that they play hardcore punk. After a quick set up, they started talking. Their guitarist, (who was very nevous) anounced that it was only their 2nd show. Let me tell you that they were great, they played a set filled up with short songs with yelling. After their set ended I bought their cheap 5 song cd (it is really good). I think that they will be well known in a few years.

Next up was the band I came here for: Against Me!, who plays Anarcho folk punk. I highly recomend you buy an Against Me! cd, becouse they are very talented. They took the stage and they totally rocked this little venue. It is amazing to look around and see the whole room bouncing around, and yelling the lyics to ALL of their songs. Off the top of my head they played these songs (not in order): Pints,Julie,those Anarcho punks,Reiventing Axl Rose, baby im an anarchist, and then acoustic, Tom did: 8 hours of sleep, and another that I can not think of. They played a few others but I forget what they were. Sorry. in between songs, They were talking about their home state; Florida. After a few moments it got quiet, I yelled,"America's Wang". That got a few laughs, and I was proud. After the show , I confronted Tom the singer/gutiarist and told him his band rocks, then I left.

Overall this was a great show, It was well worth the five bucks I paid to see a three really good bands play. I was looking foward to this show more than Warped tour, and let just say it was far from disappointing. I highly recommend going to this show if it is in your town.