Various - Warped Tour 2002 Compilation (Cover Artwork)
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Warped Tour 2002 Compilation (2002)


Just as a concept, despite whatever songs are on here, Side One Dummy needs to be commended on this release. Offering 50 songs, two CDs, for the price of a sampler compilation is a simple yet great idea. It's a great value even if half the bands don't thrill you.

However, this is not a great release for me... If you're like myself then you've been bopping about the punk scene for long enough that you've found your footing. You have your biases, sounds you like, sounds you hate and directions you're exploring. If you're like myself then all this compilation is going to do is reinforce your opinions. As I worked my way through the two-plus hours of music here, I found myself loving the tracks by the bands I'm into and loathing the stuff I consider derivative or trendy. I'll assume, if you're like me, this will happen for you too…

However this album wasn't made for us, so we can't judge it that way. This album is absolutely phenomenal for someone who's just getting into punk rock. They don't want jaded scensters shoving their opinions at them on which bands are worth listening too. For anyone who's only been in the scene for a few years, still wanting catchy tracks from their favorite bands and a good deal more to explore, this is the compilation to get. There's a great deal to explore here too, when bands like From Autumn To Ashes share the stage with bands like Ozma.

So I'm not going to get into how one of NOFX's rushed "Surfer" tracks manages to sound better than all of the other bands playing NOFX-style punk. I'll leave my opinions out on how I find a great tune by the Mighty Mighty Bosstones infinitely more enjoyable then Thursday's heavy-handed screaming. I wont sing the praises of The Lawrence Arms, Flogging Molly, Glassjaw or others. I won't mention the fantastic new Dag Nasty track or the highly anticipated new Lagwagon song. 

What I will do is give this compilation to my younger brother. He's just becoming interested in music and needs to make his opinions for himself. He'll go to his first Warped Tour this year and for someone like him this release can't be missed. Since Side One seems intent releasing a better and better Warped comp each year, I'm looking forward to how they'll top this.