The Computers - Group Identity [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)

The Computers

Group Identity [7-inch] (2011)

One Little Indian

Back in Febuary of this year, a little band from Exeter, UK known as the Computers released a nifty little seven-inch with both a punch and a swing of just how these four Brits can easily shift gears from crazy to cool.

Side 1 has "Group Identity", which begins with a slight guess of the guitar tone and suddenly jumps a chunky hook, reminiscent of the Hives or the Bronx. Vocalist/guitarist Screamin' Al does just that...scream, and he does it well. Maybe even as acceptable to be compared to, say, Refused vocalist Dennis Lyxzén, especially in the chorus of the finale of said track, repeating "This is not about you!"

Side 2 is the best part (in my opinion) and also where this record truly shines. It's the band's take on the Clash's classic "Train in Vain". Drummer Aiden Sinclair kicks in with the familiar yet quite uncanny and polished beat. The harmonicas and piano are there, as well as Screamin' Al taking it down a few notches to almost a squeak à la Mick Jones, bringing forth probably the truest form of a good Clash cover (besides actually being British). Having been butchered over the years by bands such as Anti-Flag, MxPx, Third Eye Blind and whoever else, the Computers have managed to pick up and carry the banner in making good British punk rock sound the way it should, cockney and all.

Produced by The Swami himself, John Reis (Drive Like Jehu, Rocket from the Crypt) down at Big Fish studios in San Diego, this seven-inch is a decent example of what sort of boundaries the Computers are capable of puncturing through.