Sugarcult - Start Static (Cover Artwork)


Start Static (2001)


Sugarcult: Vocals like Lit, lyrics like Good Charlotte, and a poppy feel like New Found Glory. Even though Sugarcult is very similar to these and other bands, I think they are one of the more unique bands of the recent pop-punk explosion.

Two things caught my ear the most when I first listened to this CD: the vocals, and the guitars. While lead singer Tim Pagnotta has a voice similar to Lit's A.Jay Popoff, his is more punk rock-sounding, and he includes a lot of stretched out vocals and half-screams in the songs. As for the guitars, the band seems to mix in rough, lighter guitars (almost acoustic sounding) covered with loud, sharp and piercing electric guitars.

But the best thing here is just the songs. Lots of great speedy and catchy pop-punk music, like "Stuck in America," "Bouncing Off the Walls," "You're the One," "Saying Goodbye," "Daddy's Little Defect," and "How Does it Feel." They also have slower ballad-like songs, too, like "Pretty Girl (The Way)," and "Crashing Down." And though the disc loses some momentum during the second half, all the songs are superbly done.

This is definitely a must-have for pop-punk fans. Just listen to "Bouncing Off the Walls," "Saying Goodbye," or "Daddy's Little Defect" a few times, and see if you get them stuck in your head or not.