Slutever - Pretend to be Nice (Cover Artwork)


Pretend to be Nice (2011)

Bantic Media

Slutever, a band that has enough potential to be indie rock giants in a year, is composed of just two girls getting louder than some five-membered bands, and they hail from the City of Brotherly Love. For just guitar, vocals and drums, their sound is very complete with nothing feeling amiss. Rachel and Nicole, as I'm sure most people address them by, released the very lo-fi Sorry I'm Not Sorry and were giving it away at their shows last year for a mere $1. Sorry I'm Not Sorry, a title fitting of their self-described "Clueless meets Beavis and Butthead with a side helping of girl anarchy" laid the groundwork for their new four-song E.P. Pretend to be Nice. Pretend to be Nice features four tracks--two new and two found on SINS--showing exponential growth not only in the more professional recording, but in the songwriting, as well.

"So Prone" is my absolute favorite song by Slutever and starts with a building and driving drumbeat to introduce a cryptic wailing layered over a thickly distorted guitar. I don't necessarily know what the lyrics are for the majority of this song, but there's so much right with it that I don't care; I'd love to see a music video for this song. The other three songs ("RIP Maple," "I Can Dream The Rest Away" and the closer "No Offense") all blend bits of '80s punk and '60s surf and forge it with the current indie spirit of artistically not giving many fucks to create a four-song EP that's about six songs too short. There's no fluff with these four songs, and they're absolutely worth checking out live. The EO is streaming in it's entirety, here.