Death is Not Glamorous - Soft Clicks (Cover Artwork)

Death is Not Glamorous

Soft Clicks (2009)

Dead And Gone Records

First off I want to say that I absolutely love the sound and recording of Soft Clicks by Death is Not Glamorous, with its drums so soft and tight, bass so fat, guitars warm with melodic tendencies and heartfelt vocals that chug the music along. It speaks for and defines the character of this band.

Unlike their previous material, Soft Clicks takes more of a simple approach from the band that in a way is much more complex in its invisible quality. First track "Life is Huge" kicks off with a song to boost your present state of mind of what you're listening to. Last track "Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt" sums up the first 12 songs you've heard into one complete package that you will remember long after your first listen as it is compiled perfectly from beginning to end. "Set In Stone" was the first track to be released from Soft Clicks and has all the foot-tapping qualities, with an explosive chorus to be the standout here.

Most of the tracks average around two minutes but Death is Not Glamorous show they can make their shorter cuts, like "No Mistakes" and "Clear Lines," be exceptional songs while being very enjoyable and refreshing to revisit. New things are even tried on songs such as "Magic Fang" and the Side A closer "Straight Through" that has somewhat of a bonus track which is quite gentle for a hardcore band. Definite curve balls to those familiar with their sound.

Death is Not Glamorous does it like no other band in their league while maintaining a true and honest sound in every aspect. All in all this is a very good and complete record for a band who have recorded their first ever full-length that has seemed to fly under the radar since its release. Soft Clicks definitely does stack up to the previous efforts and I can only hope for more.