The Come Down - All Fur & No Knickers EP (Cover Artwork)

The Come Down

All Fur & No Knickers EP (2011)

Dammit Records

I was recently (a few months back) at a free local show where the Come Down were playing and I was given a free EP by the band after they had played their set. I didn't really think much of it other than giving them a "like" on the good old Facebook like everyone else does. But when the Come Down announced that they were signed to a label called "Dammit Records," I thought i would dig out their EP and give it a listen.

The EP consists of four tracks, entitled "All Boxed In," "Gone Too Long," "I Wish I Was Invisible" and "Out of View." As soon as i put the CD on it all came flooding back to me who they were and that I really enjoyed their live set, which consisted of a few pop songs in the good old punk rock style, plus their humor was similar to that of blink-182. I enjoyed listening to all the tracks but my favorite was "I Wish I Was Invisible," mainly because of the different elements of SoCall DIY punk rock. This track took me back to all those California punk rock bands of the late '90s before pop/punk rock meant stupid haircuts and guyliner. The track has elements of Dude Ranch and Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, as well as Boxcar Racer. If you ask me this band is England's answer to blink-182's crappy punk rock. I recommend that people check these guys out and try and catch them if they play near you. I hope to hear a full-length soon through their new label.