Beach Party - Beach Party (Cover Artwork)
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Beach Party

Beach Party (2011)


The return of the cassette has been a curious one. It doesn't have the same longevity and intimacy as vinyl nor the ease of use associated with digital music. Still, the format has been embraced by a select few indie acts. One such band, Beach Party, actually benefits from the grainy format. Blending indie rock aesthetics with punk rock fury, the group's self-titled debut EP, available digitally and on cassette, almost justifies the format.

At just five songs, Beach Party is hopefully a promise of more things to come. Opener "Barricades" is a fine number, but "Dead Weight" is when everything really clicks. The harmonies are lush, the chorus is huge and the chiming, jangling guitar binds it all together. There's even a well-timed tambourine part to up the energy a bit. "Catastrophic" is another catchy number. It's another in a long line of Replacements-y drinking songs, but it's a fine addition.

"Useless" and "Whatever" close out the EP with more shouted out fist-pumpers. The songs are all of a piece--similar structures and lengths--but they're also well put together. Beach Party's strengths are clear. They write catchy, rollicking tunes and play them with urgency. While still relatively new, the group shows tons of potential on this EP.