Snowing - I Could Do Whatever I Want If I Wanted (Cover Artwork)


I Could Do Whatever I Want If I Wanted (2011)

Square Of Opposition

In the past few years, there has been a rise in popularity of alleged "emo revivalists." Mostly in the Midwest, but really all over. The bands were/will all be short lived, as was Snowing, who released their debut LP and broke up months later.

There are so many of these "twinkly" emo bands popping up today it's hard to keep track of the good ones. But rest assured, you're placing a good bet with Snowing. Definitely more "punk" than their peers (Algernon Cadwallader, CSTVT) sonically and lyrically, Snowing is an attention-grabbing band, and this record is no exception to that fact. The vocals are harsh, and almost tough to handle at times. I can see how this would push people away, but if you can get passed the fact that the vocals aren't top notch, there is some really great musicianship within Snowing. Punk vocals aren't always great anyway, if it has passion, I can listen.

The record begins with a standout track, "Meet Me In Minsk." Possibly the most melodic song on the record, it has an almost ominous tone to it. Another stand out track is "Why Am I Not Going Underwater," with lyrics such as "Sometimes I get drunk at night / And one drink turns fast into five." A lot of the lyrics are about the singer's drunken depressed nights. "Relationships don't burn, they fade out / So I know I won't burn, I'll fade out."

The next track, "You Bring Something... No" is the shortest song in Snowing's minuscule catalog, but it could also be my favorite on the record. The ending fades away very melancholic as the singer exclaims: "You won't see me again." The guitars and musicianship on this song stand out to me. The next song, "So I Shotgunned a Beer And Went to Bed", unlike the aforementioned, is the longest in Snowing's catalog. This is also one of my favorites on the record. It almost brings a tear to your eye. "You swore that you would live your life without regret / What are you waiting for?" Definitely a Cap'n Jazz-esque song, but that is the most prominent influence in the bands sound to me. "Damp Feathers" is the softest number, and flows well till the end. The lyrics are almost intelligible because the vocals are so soft. Catchy riffs and melodies fill this song.

As far as I'm concerned, I wish Snowing would've stayed together. I would've liked to see the singer/bassist throw himself/instrument around the room and spit on the guitarist one more time. Did I mention the band was the balls live? I feel this record is great in its own right. It is definitely a different direction from their EP which I enjoyed more. But there is some really good musicianship and lyrics to be found here. In this massive mix of emo revival, Snowing definitely stood above many of their peers and they still do to me. Get into it, even though they are long gone.