Post Teens - Post Teens [7-Inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Post Teens

Post Teens [7-Inch] (2011)

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Post Teens open their self-titled seven-inch by calling a beach bunny a "White trash little fucker." While it seems that modern punk is alternatively growing sickly saccharine or cartoonishly macho, Post Teens throw back to the early days of angry punk without succumbing to the modern extremism.

As the six tunes fly by in about six minutes, vocalist Tony M. belts out against crust punks, mall rats, and bosses in a howl that isn't so much an indictment as it is frustration bubbling over, echoing early Black Flag. The band kicks through tune after tune, combining the speed of early Minor Threat with the purposefully sloppy snap of early Circle Jerks.

But, where the band really hits the mark is while the music is vitriolic and energetic, it never crosses the line into teenage style whining. Instead of being a collection of songs about dudes whining and bemoaning their situation like a lot of modern hardcore, the EP is more of a spectacle that uses the band's energy and slightness to cause the listener to say, "Wow! Look at those guys go!"

Plus, it helps that the songs are well written. Instead of just a wall of noise, the tunes seem to built up from snappy numbers written in a classic style, and then sped up to just before the breaking point, giving the tunes the feeling that they're just about to fly off the hinge right before the tracks stop.

With so many singer-songwriter beardos that play acoustic guitars and drink whiskey cluttering the scene, more and more revved up hardcore punk bands seem to be appearing to battle back. Let's hope Post Teens lead the charge.