JuiceheaD - How to Sail a Sinking Ship (Cover Artwork)


How to Sail a Sinking Ship (2011)

Misfits Records

The sophomore record from the Chicago punk group JuiceheaD, out on Misfits Records, follows true in the Chicago punk tradition. Chicago is known for great punk bands like Naked Raygun, the Effigies, 88 Fingers Louie, Alkaline Trio and Rise Against to name a few (let's not forget the Arrivals and Shot Baker). With their second record How to Sail a Sinking Ship, JuiceheaD proves that they have what it takes to be one the great new punk bands coming out of Chicago.

Contrary to popular belief, JuiceheaD is not a horror-punk band. They have a straight ahead punk sound a la the Ramones, Rancid and Good Riddance. The record has 20 songs and lasts a little over an hour. Within that hour their formula for great hooks, catchy riffs and honest lyrics proves to be a great combination. A couple standouts would be "Rotting from the Inside," "Lorraine," "Death to Democracy" and "How to Sail a Sinking Ship." Now there is a bit of a crossover song with "Black Roses." It provides a good break from the straight ahead style of punk. It also shows that they are a technically sound band with chops to make them super tight when you see them live.

Since their first record, The Devil Made Me Do It, not much has changed in their style of songwriting and arrangement. But that is partly due to the fact that these songs were actually written in that same era of 2006-'07. But if ain't broke, don't fix it. Guitarist/vocalist Rob Vannice knows exactly what he likes and puts it down with no apologies and that will always make for killer punk rock. Great sing along choruses that we all love and killer riffs to set the songs off.

The record is a bit long at over an hour of music and for that reason some of the songs get lost in the mix. But that hardly takes away from the record's heartiness. So if you love '90s style punk rock, go get this record and you will find yourself playing it over and over. JuiceheaD is currently out on tour supporting the Misfits.