Less Than Jake - Pezcore (Cover Artwork)

Less Than Jake

Pezcore (1992)

Asian Man

I'm pretty sure this is LTJ's first full length, as they have a fuck load of early stuff out there somewhere that i will never see. Nontheless this album is one of the best punk/ska albums anyone could get their hands on.

19 tracks a special hidden bonus, with songs like 'Black Coffee', and 'Jen....(far better version) -Punk, but not at all plain boring punk songs thrown in the mix. However you do start to wonder why they repeat same stuff about 20 times in one song, with the same music, then re-release it again, and again, (maybe he really does care that she doesnt like him anymore...?)

The majority of songs have punk/ska elements, good examples being, 'Johnny Quest...(notasgood version) and 'Where in the Hell is Mike Sinkovich' (personal favourite), All songs provoke the senses, and i dont at all mean just the ears, I mean Body Movement and get those feet moving. Sing-along, and if you dont know the words, all songs have plenty of room for 'WHOA's' and backing vocals.

Best songs (for you geeben downloaders, try before you buy {you better buy assholes}):
'My very own flag' (good whoa's)
'Johnny Quest thinks we're Sellouts' (get a later verion)
'Growing up on a Couch' (hair raising horns at the end, i love it)
'Where in the hell is mike sinkovich' (perfect ska with perfect vocals and near perfect blend of punk/ska, really)
'Boomtown' (just beautiful music)
'One last cigarette' (just doesn't sound the same without listening to 'Short on ideas' fist, as they blend. Awsomeness)

This album is awsome. Each song has its own little story behind it, throw in the great music, the whoa's and have 19-track long skank, and die a happy punk.