Egg Hunt - Egg Hunt (Cover Artwork)
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Egg Hunt

Egg Hunt (1986)

Dischord Records

There's gonna come a time when you finally hear every song Ian MacKaye ever recorded. Oh sure, you think that Fugazi live archive is going to tide you over forever, but sooner or later you'll have consumed everything. Fugazi, Minor Threat, Embrace, Teen Idles, the Evens… you too will hit that wall, friend. And that's when you'll start sucking up anything else you can find. And that's when you'll come to Egg Hunt.

Dischord founders/Minor Threat alums MacKaye and Jeff Nelson were hanging out in the '80s, as friends did back then, when they said to each other, "Buddy! We're a couple of guys who are out of step (with the world)! Let's record music songs again! [NOTE: This probably didn't happen. I'm a terrible Internet journalist.]" And so Egg Hunt burned, ever so briefly.

"Me and You," the first of two songs on the group's lone EP, sounds… like R.E.M., actually. Propelled by an echoing vocal line, the song has a nice groove to it, but it's a total anomaly for the players. Still mighty fine, mind you, but random. The other track, "We All Fall Down" is more in line with the duo's history, recalling Minor Threat's bluster. That's just as well, since the track was originally meant for MacKaye's other hardcore band, Embrace. While the whole thing clocks in at just six-and-a-half minutes, it's still more MacKaye in your ears. Enjoy it.

Side note: Did you know that if you register with Dischord's Web site, they'll actually give you Egg Hunt's lone EP for free? Because they're here for you, buddy. Now click that link.