The Spits - Spits V (Cover Artwork)

The Spits

Spits V (2011)

In The Red Records

Earlier this year I read an online article talking about bands that have been carrying on that torch of the Ramones sound. Nobunny, Hunx and his Punx, and a few others were listed. If you wanted to add a name to that list, please include the Spits. The Spits are snotty garage pop punk from Seattle, Wash. and they've just released their fifth album.

On the new album you get what I pretty much described. Half of the record is a pop punk band playing live and then playing pop punk on electronic instruments. If you don't mind your songs changing in production quality, then keep listening. And of course, the album is just straight up fun throughout. You get the usual frustration of a pop punk song like "I'm Fed Up" that has an abrupt ending. You get a lot of comedic lyrics in the songs. Well, basically the topics in the songs are very much what you'd expect from a band like this.

Thanks in part to the production mentioned before and the style of music, this seriously does sound like something you'd here out of that era of punk the Ramones came out of. The Spits are for sure carrying the torch of the Ramones.