SSSSNAKES / The Slow Death - Split [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

SSSSNAKES / The Slow Death

Split [7-inch] (2011)

Kiss of Death

2011 is winding down, but the mighty Slow Death continues to crank out tunes at a rapid clip. After the Turnstile Comix #1 seven-inch and the Born Ugly, Got Worse full-length, the band of drunks returns with an all new split with SSSSNAKES. Despite a slight dip in quality, the seven-inch is still yet another solid addition to the Slow Death's canon of songs about drankin' and bein' sad.

SSSSNAKES lead off with a pair of songs, "Only One" and "Surfrog." "Only One" is a suitable enough snotty punk rock jam, but "Surfrog" is a winner. It's the most subdued song on the split, but it just this bouncy bassline and a goofy three-quarters ballad time signature that makes it a whole mess of fun.

The Slow Death, in turn, delivers a trio of tunes about longing and lagers. "Want" is arguably "the hit," from its infectious lead guitar part to its simple, but catchy, chorus of "I want you now." "Movies" and "Glad I Don't Know" are heavier, but "Want" is the one that merits the most repeats. "Glad I Don't Know" feels a little underdeveloped in its current, brief running time, but "Movies" and "Want" would have fit right in with everything else on Born Ugly. Hopefully this is a sign of more quality tunes to come. With one month left in the year, so there's still time for them to trot out more music, I'm sure.