The Blowouts - Deadweight [digital single] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The Blowouts

Deadweight [digital single] (2011)


When I moved to Plymouth in 2005, I found a cultural and musical wasteland. Six years on and the wasteland is no more, as bands such as Crazy Arm, the Patrick James Pearson Band, Damerels and a host of others have been part of a resurgent scene that seems to be spewing out bands left, right and center.

One of these is the Blowouts, who have been around for a little while and are set to release their second EP early in 2012. As a taster, here is a one track single to give people an idea of what their sound is now having progressed a bit since their debut outing. "Deadweight" is 78 seconds of balls out punk rock, with the emphasis on both "punk" and "rock" here.

Opening with a formidable and catchy riff, the vocals come tearing out through the speakers to match the thunderous cacophony behind it. Don't be fooled that this lacks melody as it is there, although it's conjoined nicely with the more raw elements of the music. It's short, it's far from sweet but it's a decent statement of intent for what is to come.

This is available from Bandcamp and only costs £0.40 (approximately $0.63), so won't break the bank. You could even just listen and wait for the EP itself when released.

It's good to see another young band from the area showing that a vibrant scene shows no sign of stagnating.