Funeral For A Friend - See You All In Hell (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Funeral For A Friend

See You All In Hell (2011)


Funeral For a Friend did well on Welcome Home Armageddon!l in 2011 as it returned their sound to a more raw feel akin to Seven Ways... and their earlier works. Whatever the reason for the follow-up EP See You in Hell, they were adamant on adding that coarse, tough sound back in full effect. It is reminiscent of vintage FFAF, when people didn't think Matt Davies was a Brit as he hid the accent well on songs. Accent or not aside, just like the Strife cover, "Will To Die," which continues in the stronger, faster vein; the sound of heavier olden days rear here with both tracks consisting of stormy guitarwork a la "This Year's Most Open Heartbreak" and old-school FFAF.

On the opener, "High Castles," it's evident that they want to converge the ferocity they were known for previously--"Our words are weapons / fists by fucking fists / they are our shields" show they mean business as Matt's vocals are well tempered with Kris/Gavin's guitars. The opener is the only new track but the album flows with a seamless ease and overall cohesion--something FFAF always seems to do well in arranging tracks.

The album is traversed with a "Medicated" remix and live, electric versions off the Armageddon album such as the flashy "Sixteen" and the telling "Man Alive." The live performances were well mixed to reverberate nicely and again, that harder feel (which many felt was slightly polished off in Casually Dressed, Hours, Tales Don't...) is felt in the live renderings offered--especially on "Front row seats to the end of the world"!

They close off with Matt shining on acoustic sets of "Old Hymns" and "Welcome Home Armageddon," concluding a nice blend of FFAF's stocky, thrashing and hard ensemble; with a few ballads tossed in. They try to make glisten what makes them tick and what seems their strong points, and they manage to succeed on this EP. It looks like they're in gear for their next release and seem to be in fine form.