Chuck Ragan - Covering Ground (Cover Artwork)

Chuck Ragan

Covering Ground (2011)

SideOneDummy Records

If there's one thing that I love about Chuck Ragan compared to most of the folk punk/acoustic solo acts that have been quite popular in the last five years or so, it is that he delivers songs with such great passion. It very much feels like it in his vocal delivery. Covering Ground, his latest solo effort, is no different.

As far as the his solo discography goes, Ragan really doesn't bring anything new to the table, unlike say Frank Turner who seems to go into different directions from what I heard on his last two albums. But what I liked about this one is the production. It is very much stripped down-sounding. Kinda like a live recording. It very much reminded me of Bristle Ridge, his album with Austin Lucas. Christopher Thorn does an excellent job at the recording.

Like said before, the album really doesn't bring anything new to the table as far as song writing goes for Ragan. But it is still a solid record. Ragan still delivers with his vocals and lyrics. Once again, Jon Gaunt is back on fiddle. Turner, Audra Mae and Brian Fallon appear on a few tracks to help out on backing vocals and do excellent jobs as always. Throughout there is great instrumentation and excellent arrangements. I really don't expect anything less on his albums.

So once again, Chuck Ragan delivers another solid album.