Randy - Cheater (Cover Artwork)


Cheater (2002)

G7 Welcoming Committee

Randy comes back with a new gritty and explosive EP. The EP features 5 new tracks and 1 off "Human Atom Bombs(HAB)". The new tracks sound great, very much the same rockin' sound as "HAB".

"Cheater"s first 3 songs,"Cheater" "I don't wanna work" "Stepping Out", were recorded in Winnipeg on their sold out tour with their Canuck chums in Propagandhi. I think some of the guys from Propagandhi do some back up vocals on some of the songs. Next is "Addicts of Communication", taken from "HAB", a great track. Following that is 2 songs taken from the "HAB" sessions, "Dynamite" and "I won't play that song", that were originally used for a cd single of "I dont need no love" released in Europe.

The EP sounds really good recording wise. It has a nice live sound to it but it doesn't quite capture their live show, which i recommend to anyone who hasn't seen them live.

I was glad to see this release from these Sweds. I loved "HAB", I thought it was a great record. This EP doesn't dissapoint if your fan, and I recommend it for anybody who is into stuff like the Hives, the White Stripes, Mooney Suzuki and T(I)NC.