All - Allroy Sez (Cover Artwork)


Allroy Sez (1988)


To be blunt, I was extremely surprised to see that not a soul on this Web site reviewed the debut album from All, Allroy Sez. Granted, their other albums are stellar, but Allroy Sez is their undisputed best. It stands as a mastery of pop-punk from a band that remains ridiculously underrated, apparently overshadowed by the Descendents (as they rightfully should be).

Allroy Sez kicks off with a somewhat cartoon-esque opening, running through the ridiculously catchy "Pretty Little Girl," featuring a nifty bassline and a chorus to die for. This trend is repeated through the three following songs, "Hooidge" (an interesting take on saying goodbye), "Sex In The Way" (poppy tune regarding abstinence, perhaps the best song on the album?) and "Alfredo's" (an ode to the band's favorite food joint). From here, the album takes a bit of a down-tempo turn while utilizing some sensational guitar chords to carry tracks like "Paper Tiger," "Just Perfect" and "Auto Wreck."

Despite not being as catchy and fast as the A-side of the album, the B-side is nevertheless just as essential. The album is downright sensational through-and-through, keeping the listener begging for more with the sheer musical adeptness that All wields like its own perfect weapon. The album itself closes with the awesome "Don Quixote," which certainly helps tie this beauty together in a wonderful finish, utilizing backing vocals to accompany the wonderful roar of drums and lead guitar.

One can still wonder as to why All is so underrated--there's a number of reasons they could never have shot into popularity. Perhaps it's because they never really changed their sound much after Allroy's Revenge, who knows? Despite these curiosities, one thing is certain--Allroy Sez is a downright spectacular pop-punk album that deserves far more recognition than it receives. A must-own for sure.