Nerf Herder - American Cheese (Cover Artwork)

Nerf Herder

American Cheese (2002)

Honest Don's

Ok, let me start off by congratulating Nerf Herder. At the ripe old age of 38, they finally decided it was time to stop singing about high school.

In my opinion Nerf Herder needed a big release after their shoddy performance with "My EP" which was released last year on My Records. They definetly delivered. It's back to the consistency we all expect from these guys. "American Cheese" is chocked full of geek rock action. If you're one for catchy hooks, this album is a must.

Not all of the tracks on the album are new, which could be qualified as dissapointing. Songs like "Cashmere", "Jacket", and "Defending the Faith" were all previously released.

As much as I love the record, I must admit, it's the same ol' shit from them. Fans of the band will enjoy the record thoroughly.

The band will be hitting the road this summer. For more info go to their website.