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Best of 2011

Brittany's picks (2011)

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Brittany is a news editor. - ed.


Direct Hit!: Domesplitter

Kind of Like Records

FUCK YOU! GET PUMPED! I discovered this album a little late in the year but since I have it has been on constant rotation. There isn't one dull moment on this record.


Dead To Me: Moscow Penny Ante

Fat Wreck Chords

My boyfriend was looking at my charts from this year and couldn't understand how I managed to accumulate 2500 plays just from Dead To Me. It's obviously a no brainer. Once you're hooked on this band that's it. Dead To Me are always doing something different so my attention is never lost. "The Monarch Hotel" is one of the catchiest songs of the year.


Joyce Manor: Joyce Manor


Joyce Manor is everyone's favorite new artist. Those who disagree are clearly lying because I know for a fact that no one can listen to "Constant Headache" and not enjoy it. It's impossible and I don't believe you if you say otherwise.


Cobra Skulls: Agitations

Fat Wreck Chords

I was really stoked when I learned that one of my favorite bands joined my favorite record label. I had high expectations for this record especially after the release of the Bringing The War Home EP. Fortunately this album met every one of my expectations plus some. Sometimes all I need is a straight forward punk rock record to get my blood boiling. Cobra Skulls have yet to let me down and Agitations is only a sign of a promising future from Cobra Skulls who continue to blow me away with each release. Plus, how can you not love a band who references the Buzzcocks?


Bomb the Music Industry!: Vacation

Ernest Jenning / Really

I highly anticipate every Bomb the Music Industry! release yet somehow I wasn't expecting this record to be as great as it turned out. BtMI! are a band whose sound is constantly evolving and Vacation is the result of the band's creativity at it's absolute best. This record contains a side of BtMI! that we have never seen before with a more mature, polished sound but still accompanied by Mr. Rosenstock's relatable lyrics. I believe they truly outdid themselves on this record and my obsession for this band is reaching dangerous levels.