Sick Of It All - Live In A World Full Of Hate (Cover Artwork)

Sick Of It All

Live In A World Full Of Hate (1993)

Lost & Found

There is always at least one CD in you collection that you never listen to, but for some reason you don't wanna throw it away either.In my case it's the Sick of it all's live cd 'Live in a World full of hate'.

I bought this cd because I saw it in a record store that was closing down, and the prices were reduced.I knew that I couldn't expect much since it was recorded back in 1993, while they were still your average hard core band.

The cd starts off with short intro, like most live cds, the band welcomes the crowd and they start to play Injustice system...Damn...There are no words to describe how shitty it sounds.

There are some good moments on this cd with songs like: Shut me up, Locomotive, The blood and the sweat, We stand alone and My life, but again it is all rauined by terrible guitar and bass sounds and even worse vocals from Lou Koller. The only positive side to all this is that Arman's drumming is near perfect which saves this record a bit.

Considering that they are much better musicians now and probably want to prove that they can do much better than 'Live in a World full of hate', they will come back with a vengeance with their take on Fat Wrecks 'Live in a dive' which should be out in a couple of months.

In conclusion, Sick of it all kick ass but I am warning everyone to stay away from this CD. It has 24 songs...but I would trade it all for their 'Potential for a fall' single.