Gallows - Death is Birth (Cover Artwork)


Death is Birth (2011)

Thirty Days Of Night Records

Frank Carter is long gone. The Gallows are still here. Death is Birth has come now and it's four tracks that rip by quickly, leaving an impression that's charming, but still not enough to get in deep. Wade MacNeil of Alexisonfire fame is the new screamer, and his ability to carry the songs is good, but just not in the vein of Carter's swagger. The instrumentals are definitely Gallows' style, with their melodic hardcore/metal tinged goodness, but there is something a bit missing. The experimentation that was found on Grey Britain is sadly irrelevant, but that was probably the point. For brief moments, the vocals resemble early From Autumn to Ashes, or any generic metalcore band scratching its way currently. MacNeil is good at what he does, but it's like Photoshopping a layer on top of an already good piece of work.

"Mondo Chaos" gets things going with band-shouted vocals and worldly lyrics instead of a U.K. focus. Their attitude is still pissed off, but leans more towards the grown up self-contained style. These quick moments of intellect are shot by so quickly, that it doesn't leave much room for interpretation on a part of their meaning. Of course punk is meant to be straight to the point, but when it comes to Gallows, their showmanship was always warranted with nicely done lyrical tone and insight. Maybe it's the cross pollination of the new membership, but it just doesn't matter all that much. "True Colours" is a little over 30 seconds of spitting rage and it's actually the best song here since it's the shortest. "Hate! Hate! Hate!" is just another track like any other track, but keeps the pace already set and has a sort of Cancer Bats feel to it. Lastly is the title track and it's a fitting title giving the band's current state. They are shooting for a rebirth and that day might come soon, but this little EP isn't more than a sampling of that future and it's trying to not fall off the balance board.