Bikini Kill - The CD Version of the First Two Records (Cover Artwork)

Bikini Kill

The CD Version of the First Two Records (1992)

Kill Rock Stars

Go-go boots and baby dolls. Perhaps not the most obvious choice for a band which creates some of the fastest and angriest punk rock. Produced in part by Ian MacKaye, the CD Version of the First Two Records, helped bring riot grrl and Bikini Kill worldwide mainstream attention. This attention is well deserved. The album opens with "Double Dare Ya,' inviting girls to speak out and voice their opinion, then continues with "Liar" with a familiar chorus of "Liar, Liar/Pants on fire." Despite the lyrical simplicity of some songs ("Liar" and "Suck my Left One") Bikini Kill shows more depth on the bass heavy "Outta Me" and "Feels Blind," with one of the best hooks ever, "in the doorway of demise I stand/encased in the whisper you taught me." The only slow point on the album is "Thurston Hearts the Who," a live rant which helps kill the albums momentum. Also included is Bikini Kill's anthem, "Rebel Girl."

This album is simply amazing, perhaps Bikini Kill's best. The songs are short, not often straying from three chord punk basics, but display an earnest plea for equality.