Troubled Coast - I've Been Thinking About Leaving You [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Troubled Coast

I've Been Thinking About Leaving You [7-inch] (2012)


This seven-inch packs enormous punch and after 100 Miles From Home, it proves a welcomed intro to 2012. After bands such as Touché Amoré, Pianos Become the Teeth and La Dispute made inroads into 2011, Troubled Coast proved they could hold their own, and more. "I'm Still a Loner, Dottie" is filled to the brim with attitude and it's endearing as can be. It's a solid opener and much more songs like this would be nothing short of sick. The energy dissipated here is felt and seeing it live would probably be something unique.

"La Jetee" is the standout song and it's more amazing than the opener, as Mile Scornaienchi and Tahm Altemus continue this post-harcore screamo venting to sheer perfection. Cory Bardwell and Brandon Wark on guitars are reminiscent of Sparta at their best, and fans of the bands I mentioned above would highly appreciate this record. Their past offerings were pretty decent and this teaser really begs for a full-length. "Patient Hands" is focused on silky guitarwork and drums with the foundation of Mile's deft vocal structure. They are systematic when need be, intricate when called upon, but it's when they need simplicity to come forth, that's where they shine. "Patient Hands" is a well-cut track and again, the drive here is pretty sweet. The pace never really slows down and bears semblance to the best of their old songs. Lines like "‘I'll be there when you break and when you crumble / And when you crack and fall apart / Don't tell me you're okay" show that with all their screamo attitude, there's altruism embedded.

"The First Night of the New World" closes off the record nicely with some more sublime guitarwork. These guitars really add edge, melody and feel to the band's music. They're piercing and shrill when need be, and gruff when called upon. It's a solid seven-inch and a shame that they couldn't put out more music here. I can see kids flocking to and swarming shows for this live. Seeing this band with Touché, Pianos and La Dispute would probably be one of the best shows ever.