The Measure [SA] - My Heart and the Real World (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The Measure [SA]

My Heart and the Real World (2011)

No Idea Records

Defunct punk act the Measure [SA] released two full-lengths, and like 500 seven-inches. The [SA] actually stands for "strictly analog," and for most of the band's output, that's true. But while living on through a vast sea of vinyl is pretty tru punx, it's also a little inconvenient. My Heart and the Real World aims to condense things a bit, offering up 18 choice cuts, plus a bonus seven-inch of live ‘n' acoustic songs if you buy it on vinyl. Because the Measure loved analog, in case you forgot.

A sequel of sorts to the group's other compilation, One Chapter in the Book, My Heart is an uneven but still quite fun listen. The Measure's output is strangely spread out. Their albums were adequate, but they sprinkled their best songs on random splits. So even though My Heart clearly wasn't written all at once, and even fluctuates in quality during its 35-minute run, it still holds up pretty darn well compared to Historical Fiction or Notes.

The comp takes a couple of tracks to really kick off, but by the time "Workage," from a split with the Ergs!, comes on, a string of hits ensues. Choice cuts from splits with New Bruises and Flamingo 50 like "Remember the Devilock" and "Do the Hustle II" are infectious, riotous punk with a pop touch. Much like their friends in the Ergs!, the Measure crapped out songs at a rapid clip, so much so that even this second rarities comp doesn't cover everything (What about the Blotto split? What about "It Ain't Me Babe?!").

Still, though, My Heart is a great retrospective for one of New Jersey's finest. This was a band that added pop-punk enthusiasm to gritty Hub City hardcore, resulting in loose, passionately played tunes rife with introspection and longing. While the band behind the slogan "punkrockneverstop" is gone, compilations like My Heart and the Real World go a ways towards preserving that ethos. Now put out that third rarities comp, please. Finish the trilogy.