Waterdown - Never Kill A Boy On The First (Cover Artwork)


Never Kill A Boy On The First (2001)


I'll have to admit, when I first heard Waterdown, I hated any band that screamed. And I mean hated. Waterdown is the band that got me into the scream-along vocals. The band is straight out of Germany, and you can hear their accent on some songs. This does not, however, seem to impact their ability to write their songs. The lyrics are pretty impressive. They have some messages about corporations and such, but that is not their underlying theme. They mix up their songs pretty well on Never Kill.

Speaking of the songs, they're pretty awesome, but nothing incredibly memorable. They have some pretty catchy stuff, and good songwriting ability. However, it feels as if they stretch their songs to the longest possible length, even though most songs are around 3 minutes. They'll open with an intro, maybe do a chorus, then a verse, then a chorus, then something else, then the chorus again. It's really standard organization throughout most of their songs. To get a feel for what Waterdown is like, "Impress Me", "Not Today", and "Picket-Line" are good indicators. The album is composed well, with a song in German at the end, it's really cool.

This CD is definitely worth the money, it worked its way heavily into my rotation for a while. But now I listen to it on occasion. It's a really good CD, and there's a lot of hope for this German band in the future, maybe their next CD will be as memorable as I hope. In the meantime, get this one, it's really fun to listen to!