Prevenge / Dig It Up - Split [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Prevenge / Dig It Up

Split [7-inch] (2011)

Pavones Records

My sister's best friend in high school was from Minnesota. She had a pretty thoroughly Minnesotan accent too, so people here in Pennsylvania were always mistaking her for a Canadian. I imagine Prevenge and Dig It Up have the opposite problem, since they're a couple of Canadian punk bands with a heavy Midwestern punk bent. Regardless of borders, though, they recently dropped a split so fine that American patriots and godless socialists alike can get behind it.

Prevenge steps up first with two songs, "Buried Alive" and "Wicked Mess." The D4 is strong with these folks, especially on "Buried Alive." That song packs a lot of throaty yells and big ol' fun times. "Wicked Mess" has some more hometown pride, recalling all the grit and energy of the Sainte Catherines.

I have to give slight credit to Dig It Up, though. The band's two contributions, "Move My Way" and "Cops on Horses" sound more of a piece, and they pack an immediacy that's missing from Prevenge's lyrics. Or maybe they just get rock ‘n' roll more, because when they shout out lines like "Cops on horses! / Ooooh sugar!", it's pretty much the most fun ever. Which is just as well, since the sleazy come-ons of "Move My Way" get pretty uncomfortable (Try not getting maced while saying "Would you move my way? / Hey little lady I've been watching you for quite some time," especially with a mustache).

Granted, both bands are treading well-torn territory. But on this split, they play with such enthusiasm that's it hard not to get into excited.