Neighborhood Brats - Neighborhood Brats (Cover Artwork)
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Neighborhood Brats

Neighborhood Brats (2011)

Modern Action Records

Neighborhood Brats were recently featured on the cover of the L.A.-based zine Razorcake and if you are not up to speed with that publication, they tend towards the more rocking punk rock bands, albeit without sticking to any one particular genre. Not only did the band feature on the cover (a fantastic live photo of vocalist Jenny Angelillo) but there was also a lengthy interview included as well. This interview and the picture of this contorted frontwoman was enough to lure me in and seek out what Neighborhood Brats actually sounded like.

Angelillo's voice certainly has that Penelope Houston/Avengers quality and provides the band with vocals that are reminiscent of the whole Dangerhouse era, whilst fronting a band that pile drives ahead with some top notch, catchy punk rock 'n' roll which also seems to have an Avengers quality to it, albeit with a much beefier sound than their predecessors. The result is that this is a blast from start to finish, something to enjoy without having to think too much about what you listening to as it's just got that sort of feel to it.

The five tracks speed along with hardly a time for breath, with the opener "Fast & Loose" the only one to hit the two-minute mark, coming in at exactly 120 seconds long. The four other tracks average out at one minute, 43 seconds as Neighborhood Brats basically do a smash ‘n' grab job on my ears, although it's one that they are welcome back to repeat over and over. Don't expect anything highbrow in respect of the lyrics; in fact, despite how much I really enjoy the vocals, it's not conveying an earth shattering message. Once again, it's just a fun release with all the songs not overstaying their welcome, even with frequent plays.

Okay, now let's have an album's worth of material please.