The Sainte Catherines - Dead Dogs [7-Inch] (Cover Artwork)

The Sainte Catherines

Dead Dogs [7-Inch] (2011)

Asian Man Records

So, as you may have heard, the Sainte Catherines called it a day. The break-up makes this seven-inch presumably the last thing they'll ever release. Consisting of two songs left off Fire Works, it is a pretty damn short--which is a shame because it is also pretty damn good. The two songs are more in the vein of the songs on Fire Works than any of the Ste. Cath's hardcore output, but poppier.

The first track, "Black Coffee," is the more pop punk of the two songs. It is straight-up bouncy. The lyrics aren't quite as depressing as the break-up note that was Fire Works, but still aren't too upbeat with lines like "Sometimes it's better to sleep with strangers / It's easier to not fall in love" and "Sometimes I regret, then I forget." But the song is over just as it starts--coming in at one minute and sixteen seconds. Don't get me wrong--I thoroughly enjoy the song, I just wish there was more. It is like getting your favorite food for dinner, but only getting half of a meal.

The second song has a sound closer to Fire Works. While "Black Coffee" definitely still contains lyrical themes of going down memory lane and feeling some regret, "Looking for Vince" has the music to match it. I don't know who Vince is, but when Hugo sings "an older brother with charisma and a heart of gold / Vince, it could have been you in those pictures, in those trucks / […] I won't lie, it was great / But it would have been better with you for sure," I can easily relate to those bittersweet moments. The accompanying backing vocals shouting "on those records, in those jokes" are also a welcome addition that paint a clearer picture of the story behind the song. Whether Vince is an older brother or rather an older brother figure, one can only hope Vince hears this song that was clearly sung lovingly for him and maybe, if the Sainte Catherines keep looking for him, somebody will tell them where he can be found.

My main critique is that Dead Dogs is too short (yes, I'm aware it is a seven-inch, but still…). However, said critique would probably have more merit if they'd set out to record a new seven-inch and didn't write much new material for it than the actual situation in which they simply were releasing what they didn't put on Fire Works. It is a damn shame this is the last we'll get from the Sainte Catherines because I think they'd finally found a really good sound for themselves. The bottom line is, despite the release being titled Dead Dogs, listening to it is at least eight times better than having your dog die.